The 2000 Presidential Election and what we can expect from each candidate.

 With this election, voters have two candidates who have substantial differences regarding where they want to lead America. If one were to boil it down to one word to use as a reference point that word would be respect. I will elaborate.

 George W. Bush will have respect for the privacy of each one of us to live life without a pernicious and growing government that greedily and under false pretenses helps itself to the fruits of our labors. He has shown respect for those of us who make this country function.

Those of us, who on a daily basis, bring about the success of America in ways that no bureaucrat or government official could do, will be respected and not punished for our success in a Bush administration.

 George W. Bush has respect for, and a proper valuation of, the men and women who endeavor to improve their lot in life through hard work, thrift and deferral of self-gratification. He will not allow us to be disrespected and taken for granted by blindly ambitious, power addicted career politicians. He will safeguard our liberty because he will never allow our work ethic to be cruelly used against us because of his appreciation of our commitment to self reliance and self determination.

He will not take of our taxes to create and fund a dependency class who will then vote for his and his party's perpetuation in elected office. He understands and respects those of us who reject collectivism and seek to avoid public assistance because we were not created to be dependent but independent.

In the end, this is an issue of who will spend your money more wisely-you or the government. President Clinton and Al Gore made clear where they stand recently when they said of the surplus, "We could give it back to you and hope you spend it right." But "if you donít spend it right," big government programs could run low on money. Boo-hoo, sob-sob.

Thatís the kind of government-knows-best attitude that keeps our taxes at record levels and shows a profound lack of respect for who's provided the money that made the surplus possible.

Please respect your family, your friends, your own assets, your freedom and yes your children and reject the enslaving, self serving and lying non-sense of Al Gore and the socialist party he represents by voting them out of office this election day.

Please respect the freedom and all this country was meant to be by electing the people who will get big government out of the way and thereby enable liberty under law. Elect the party the media is so intolerant of, the Republicans, this election day. The time is now for freedom and we can vote ourselves our proper portion of it this election day. Please vote this election day.