Isn't it morosely humorous to watch Sen. Tom Daschle try in every way to keep the economy down by refusing to lift the heel of government off it's neck and blame Pres. Bush for it's condition. Withal imploring all Americans to feel guilty that some of the (surplus=tax overcharge) was mismanaged vis a vis returning it to the source. 

Ostensibly, in the America that we once were, ideas and their advocates were animated by their merits. Now, however, more than ever, perception equals reality. Therefore, the way issues are framed determines their reality and merit. To wit, how can it be that the fruit of our labor and life is better off in the possesorship of the fox that is guarding the hen house? 

The way to end this is to vote for your life to be valued by the office holder. Reject the leach and embrace limited government. The question is still of pure constitutional illiteracy finding greater representation in the voting sector of America today. What you don't know will hurt you!!!!