"Licentious America" and Islamic "martyrdom"...why they are not created equal

Of all the mis-apprehensions and feckless definitions bandied about deriving from the clash of the ideologies of Islam and the basic West, one sobering truth is insurmountable, to wit, just how we define licentiousness. And a little help from our friends...

licentious   Pronunciation Key  (l-snshs)
  1. Lacking moral discipline or ignoring legal restraint, especially in sexual conduct.
  2. Having no regard for accepted rules or standards.

[Latin licentisus, from licentia, freedom, license. See license.]1

...who tell us that it is a sin of the flesh. We see that it is a sin of indiscretion a self serving, morally questionable, conventionally rendered lack of physical control. Moral anarchy if you will. OK. what about it you ask? Well it seems, from their own words and deeds, that the reason the suicide attackers are compelled to rid the planet of licentiousness and give validity to "whatever means necessary" in this persuit of holiness is to achieve licentiousness in the afterlife. The harem effect of death's blind ambition and a cause for choosing such a ridiculous suicide over the gift of life. And as such, it renders them fools and hypocrites. Where is the logic in their retrograde ideology? I have no expectation of coherency in zealots but I would hope that somehow, in the fractionalized cognition that passes for their world view they could render a semblance of consistency.

They must feel so symbolic, yet germane, so pure and yet so defiled by the very air they breath. So alive and yet so dead..."believe in me and the afterlife...licentious, no not me..death to honesty and long life to complete unbridled selfish gratification in the name of the almighty. It isn't a religion it is a racket.