They spoke of liberty…

In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution. –Thomas Jefferson
God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure if we have removed their only firm basis: a conviction in the minds of men that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.
–Thomas Jefferson
We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God. –James Madison, chief architect of the Constitution
Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. –Thomas Paine

John Adams said, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other. Oct. 11, 1798, Address to the military

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Veni Vidi Vici through the Victim, Victimizer and Vindicator method

Resident in the American political process is the ethos of most career and establishment politicians of how to fool most of the people most of the time. Sadly, because most of the electorate lack the initiative to inform themselves objectively and sufficiently, they, by default, are fooled and cast the fools vote. It is said that you can “fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all the time”. The 2014 mid-term elections will see if this aphorism holds true.

If we further break down how that enough of the people are fooled most of the time, we need to look at two of the basic formulae. Inquiring minds want to know! First and foremost is how our elected officials are viewed by those who vote for them. The trust factor is key here even though most polls reveal that politicians can not be trusted, yet the incumbency rate is and has been quite high for a long time. Look it up for yourself-it is ghastly. Again, what was written earlier, an uninformed electorate is the key ingredient that facilitates this. The first formula is for politicians to have politically useful problems. We will use the metaphorical acronym PUPS, politically useful problems. What is meant by this? Politicians need problems to fix to be relevant and campaign upon. Most of these problems are created by the politicians themselves, disguised as such and presented to the voter as fixable only by the politicians that are, let’s guess, “fighting for you”. An informed electorate would see through the chicanery and obfuscation. Problems such as a porous border, pathetic energy policy, health care costs from a broken system, job robbing imports, etc are but examples of problems that they caused that they use for reelection campaigns. Can these be “fixed”? Of course. Will they? Not if the same people are reelected in a sufficient majority. If the politicians actually fixed these problems the average American would have more prosperous and dare we say it INDEPENDENT lives. Fixing these problems would also take away the campaign issues that these leeches need to keep themselves in office, so don’t look for much in the way of “fixing” because the “fix” is in.

There is also the political formula that is as old as dirt and that is the three V’s of dependency. VICTIM, VICTIMIZER, VINDICATOR.

VICTIM-one who either, real or imagined sees themselves as having been “done wrong” by the victimizer.

VICTIMIZER-one who either, real or imagined is portrayed as victimizing the victim.

VINDICATOR-one who either, real or imagined is there, in this equation, to right the wrongs and “save the day” for the victim.

An example of such is the top 1% of wealth holders in America-VICTIMIZER.

They are “victimizing” the rest of us, especially the middle and lower income earners. They are the VICTIM.

VINDICATOR in all of this is the class envy is the politician who created the mess with their policies. Remember that that they are fighting for you!

What they are fighting for is to keep the electorate blind to all of this so that they can gain and retain their cushy “public servant” jobs and enrich themselves in the process.

Just plug in race, gender, rights for this class of people or that and the same candidates will keep on winning and keep on ruling over the serfs . This is masterful strategy of unending success over the subjects who vote for their own bondage. When they say that they are fighting for you they don’t finish the sentence because if they did they would conclude the sentence with “fighting for you to stay where that you are-subservient, useful and dependant”. Fool most of the people most of the time? Not if we vote to stay free! Don’t allow yourself to be defined by these robber barons. Vote away the plexus of political utility that they would have us ALL live under.

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And the statists lived collectivley ever after…

Pure political devotion to the Democratic party and the power to rule over as opposed to governing the American people, gives spirit and animation to the hoax and illusion that is Obamacare. The personal choices once pertaining to health care and health insurance by for and of the individual are becoming obsolete as the coercive demands by for and of the state take precedence.

The scope of this fraud by omission (keeping your doctor if you like your doctor) perpetrated on the American economy starts at one-sixth of GDP. This percentage will exponentially grow since it will be subject to the waste, fraud and abuse that comes so naturally with the administrative bureaucratic machinery of most federal government programs. In time, the magnitude of these associated costs will necessitate higher taxes to pay for the ACA.

The medical care provided will be substandard since the cost and complexities of the law are causing many doctors to get out of the profession. For example, the law created the (IPAB) Independent Payment Advisory Board. This board works to reduce Medicare payments. Because of this, this law will lower the quality and availability of health care for millions of people. The metastasizing costs of this law and drain on the economy will create “unexpected” revenue short falls since the cost of coverage and care will consume and take away more and more money from other taxable transactions.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (very funny title if not so very tragic) also will obviously pervert and corrupt the once great “Doctor-patient relationship”. Remember that quaint basis that is the reason for all of this to begin with? Also remember this, part of the Hippocratic oath of affirmation pledged by physicians is that they will “keep their patients from “harm and injustice”. The mid-term elections of 2014 draw closer and closer and with that is the chance to euthanize the ACA when the voters will vote to keep America from the “harm and injustice” of the “Affordable Care Act”.

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Affordable health care…yeah, that’s what they said.

With the looming implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, many life boat scenarios are emerging to forestall the deliberate ruin of private health insurance. We read about various groups and organisations looking for ways to exempt themselves from the economic devastation this bill will cause. Groups such as the fast food industry, labor unions, small business associations and ironically enough, the legislative branch of the federal government, all want protection from this unjust law.

Conversely, this law is wonderful if the goal is to divide and conquer a free country, subjugate the people and turn the citizens into subjects. Look at it, group will contend with group to stay financially afloat and avoid as much of this law as possible. Sadly, physicians are bailing out of practice and that means fewer doctors to serve more people and that in turn means rationed care. Like the life boat scenario, who shall live and who shall die? And who or whom will make these decisions?

Obviously Orwellian in name, this law doesn’t protect the patient and it makes health care significantly more expensive. We see our country being made chaotic and needlessly divided by this law. This law has been unconstitutionally modified expo-facto by the executive branch without regard to the legislative process as exemptions and extensions of one sort of another are granted by the President. This law was never about health care it was all about the life boat and the ship is about to leave the dock.

The amount and type of personal information required by the government for the (PPACA) is onerous and designed to intimidate and control the people of this country. Liberals once loudly protested for the government to stay out of their wombs, but they are very quiet when this law will put the government into every nook and cranny of their bodies and digitize their health information for easy dissemination.

The cost and financial drain on the American economy caused by this legislation will dry up disposable income and the discretionary spending necessary for economic growth and stability. What we have as a result of this law, is loss of liberty, loss of privacy, loss of choice for medical treatment, loss of income and loss of life from the law called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Come on aboard, your life boat is waiting.

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Greed versus need according to Senator Reid

Situations reveal character. The current legislative impasse, aka, the government shut down is doing that very well. Today, we found out that the Senate majority leader, Senator Harry Reid is against helping kids with cancer. He doesn’t want to help them, even if he could save one child. The following are his words in response to a question from a reporter from CNN, Dana Bash. “If you can help one child, why won’t you do it?”. The fine upstanding, compassionate, caring, “working for the little guy”, paragon of virtue and morality, sage-like and endued with wisdom from on high, Reid responded “Why, why, why would we want do that?” “I have 1100 at Nellis Air Force Base who are sitting at home, because of government employee furloughs. They have, they have a few problems of their own. This is, to have someone of your intelligence suggest a thing means you’re as irresponsible and reckless.” Now, now, Harry, you have to watch that war on women with such a rebuke to Ms. Bash. So the “honorable” Senator Reid weighs helping children with cancer against using the political leverage and bargaining chip of defunding parts of the military and decides that it would be irresponsible and reckless to even help “one child”. It would be a reasonable bet that Harry takes care of his own when it comes to “saving one child”.

It must be noted that the Republicans in the House of Representatives sent a bill authorising the continued funding for clinical pediatric cancer trials at the National Institutes of Health to the Senate. In Mr. Reid’s politically calculating mind he reasons that it would be irresponsible and reckless to sign it-it just doesn’t advance his agenda. Harry has a moral consistency like pond scum. Several years back, he went looking for an apology from Rush Limbaugh amidst the distortion of events surrounding the “phony soldiers” episode. You see, Senator Reid has always had a place of honor and deep, deep respect for our soldiers (tee hee) because they are so politically useful. He has no concern for them per se. His concern for them goes only as far as his opportunity to use them for political ends. Hopefully, even the useful idiots who think that the only place in the government one can find compassion is with the Democratic party can see Senator Reid for the cold hearted and bitter man he is. Situations reveal character. 

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Dart board diplomacy…throw until something sticks

Congratulations to the people of Australia for voting for Tony Abbott to be their next Prime Minister. Great job in “temporarily” reversing course on the road to Serfdom; it seems that they took a break from that useful idiots thing. Don’t worry, the leftist will be trying to keep successful people from being successful. They might even bring in James Carville or Paul Begala to help show the Aussies the “error” of their ways for voting for Abbott and the center-right Coalition. The left loves to spread the misery around and will be going cold turkey for a while until they block prosperity creating legislation or fabricate and exaggerate some “scandal” to thwart Australia’s overall economic revitalization. They know that allowing individuals independent prosperity will doom their efforts to keep a people down by Socialistic micromanagement. The cat will be out of the bag. America, it can happen here too. Hillary “Benghazi/4dead” Clinton is not going to allow the individual to prosper when and if she becomes president in 2016, so follow Australia’s lead America. Block the socialist-green weenies in the House of representatives and Senate so liberty can show what we can do for ourselves.

President Oblabla will soon give a national address to the American people on the merits of WWIII as he fights his personal battle to save face and idiotic choice of words with the United States military. Secretary of State John Kerry will continue to look French-like and foolish. Some Democrats will not point out how illogical and self serving military action in Syria is at this point in time because Oblabla is black. Think of it, they are being racists in the name of not being racists.

Russia will posture and try to “resolve” the conflict but not before they make out strategically and financially. The Syrian “rebels/Muslim brotherhood” are patient and look long term so they will just wait their turn and keep reproducing like bunnies, recruiting like Jehovah’s Witnesses, growing stronger and infiltrating the powers that be until they get their next turn. Oh yeah, as members of the “religion of peace” they will coerce conversions by bullet or blade to their “religion of peace” as they demonically destroy great sites of historical significance to the people of Christ and the rest of the civilized world. And these are the people Oblabla wants to be in power in Syria. That’s right, he knows the path to peace better than all the rest of us-he did win the Noble prize for peace. Remember he said “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”. Peace maker in chief doing peace loving things as the anniversary of 9/11/01 approaches. Brilliant! All of his supporters are proven to be useful idiots once again, since they bought the lie that he told them about foreign entanglements and “stupid wars”. Stupid is as stupid does!

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Remember this

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. These were the words of Jesus that gave the full import of his pending crucifixion and self sacrificial death for all humanity. In America, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and recollection of the mental, emotional and physical sacrifices made by our men and woman for our freedoms sake. When considered, the cumulative effect of these sacrifices, for the good of the way of life we enjoy, is overwhelming. We are blessed as a nation because of people willing to put themselves second to the cause and blessing of liberty. However, these are perilous times since the external enemies of liberty have infiltrated the instrumentalities of our society and the government thereof. These are those that put themselves first and the country second. It is evident who they are. When their ethos prevails in government, we loose liberty. Conversely, when country is first, when we come second, when we are a nation of laws and not a nation of men, we gain liberty.

It has been said that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”, yes this is true. We must stand guard and watch against the despoilers of liberty. The question for this Memorial Day is do we, as a nation, have the sufficient moral clarity and fundamental discernment of what will enhance and grow liberty or do we lack the substance of national identity and purpose as a free people so as to be blind and ignorant to what will keep us free? Can we identify the threats and fight against them? Do we know what liberty means thereby valuing it and fighting to preserve it? Or, is it the sad case of “where there is no vision, the people perish”? Without proper values and an informed national consensus rooted in our history as a nation, we will loose our liberty. Of our veterans, “some gave all, all gave some”, but all will be in vain if we allow those enemies from within to take away our freedom and make us all wards of the state. Thank you vets for your love of country. Vote to stay free America.

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E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum. This phrase is commonly rendered in English as “out of many, one”. It was the de facto motto of the United States when this country began. Despite the differences in the colonies over many different matters, this simple phrase addressed the need for national purpose and unity. It was this primary and basic awareness of the need for unity that drew the colonies together against the greater enemy of the British crown. Later in this nation’s history, president Lincoln, with his “House divided” speech made clear the need for national unity, lest our country fail and become disparate parts of contending factions. Lincoln said…”A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved—I do not expect the house to fall—but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.” So it is today in America; division and disunity are growing stronger by the day. Our sense of national purpose is fragile and the prospects for reversing this trend is bleak.

Some politicians in this country are made strong by our national disunity. Divide et impera. Divide and conquer is their de facto motto. So, when we hear commencement speeches made by the president before a primarily black student body and audience about how the wounds of past racial injustices are just as raw and insurmountable today as when they happened decades and even hundreds of years ago, we can be sure that his intentions are to divide the people. He chooses an audience that has been groomed to see the world as antagonistic to them, manipulative of them and prejudicial toward them to the point that they cannot make much of themselves without the direct involvement of some government program or assistance. Most of the content of his speech was designed to provoke anger and inflame the passions of what is worst in human nature against their fellow man. Divide and conquer. Don’t assimilate young graduates, thereby becoming independent of the government. No, stay full of alienation, mistrust and discomfort about the country in which you live. Not, “out of many, one”. Divide and conquer for me, says the president. You will never “fit in”. You are the off spring of slaves! President Obama is a man who sees the world with a chip on his shoulder. He seeks to effect vengeance upon the U. S. A. because a “white man’s greed drives a world in need”.

How is that hope and change working out for you black America? Look at Obamanomics in real time. If we look at deeds not words, it is worse today than it has been since the Reagan administration fixed the damage that the Carter administration inflicted on the black community. Candidate Obama received 96 percent of the black vote in 2008 and nearly the same percentage in 2012, against the back drop of a worsening unemployment crisis among blacks. The record shows unemployment at fourteen percent for adults and forty three percent for sixteen to nineteen year old teenagers, blacks, despite hope and change, still have the highest jobless rate of any minority group in the U.S.

If any of us red, black, white, yellow, brown, chartreuse, polka dot, etc want to have a better, humane, equitable and stronger country try rejecting the race baiters. Racism in and of itself is harmful enough and should be unanimously condemned. Racism for power, prestige and profit by the ruling class is worse because generations of people are enslaved to mind control and financial ruin. All races must unite against it. Vote away from office the race hustlers and call them out for who they are. Then and only then will ALL of us be free and united at last; thank God almighty free at last. E Pluribus Unum!

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The ticking time bomb of terrorism

As the details emerge regarding the who, what, where, why and when of the Boston Marathon bombing we can see that once again that wonderful and beneficial “religion of peace” has killed, injured and maimed more people. This time it is two brothers from Chechnya who lived in America, went to college in America and committed murder in America. These are two seventh century barbarians who demonstrated the peaceful nature of their “faith”. These brothers were supposedly so upset and full of “righteous” indignation that they “reasoned” the best way to “correct” the moral excesses of the decedent United States was to blow up two pressure cookers laded with anti-personnel nails, bb’s and ball bearings in a crowd of unarmed civilians.

As of this writing the response of law enforcement brought about the death of the oldest brother. A dragnet of a man hunt apprehended the younger brother. It is clear that this will be costly for the police budget and local economy. Again, the “religion of peace” bring us such blessings and joy as these worms further decay our liberty and erode our quality of life. Our current president has vowed to catch and bring to justice those who were responsible for the bombings, even though he cut the funding for such in half. Against such head winds the police deserve every praise for their work.

However, there are some questions to ponder. President Obama began his political career in the living room of his neighbor Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers is a man who used bombs in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, the Capital building in Washington, DC in 1971 and the Pentagon 1972. His case was thrown out of court on a technicality. Obama has shown no condemnation for his friend and associate Bill Ayers. Birds of a feather they are. He is right it is a shameful day-every day-in Washington, DC. 

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Marriage a la mode?

The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms. When we identify the meaning of the terms in use relating to the “gay marriage” issue we need to define what marriage is. Currently, fundamentally marriage is a legally binding unification of a male and a female as recognized by the state and or church. This legal arrangement is seen by the state as being mutually beneficial to the married parties and the state. In practice, the state is benefited by the stable family relationship found in a good marriage and the married couple is benefited by the legal protection afforded them by the state in contractual matters.

The beneficial nature of good marriages is also found in the procreation of the next generation. It is essential that this takes place so that society can replace the dead. This is axiomatic. Some of the discussions concerning this issue are elementary, basic and simple. How hard is it to know the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MALE AND A FEMALE? Nature provides the definition. For those of you missing the point:hermaphrodites don’t define the rule of the gene pool. A same sex marriage is impossible because of the impossibility of sexual reproduction by those of the same sex. If this definition is changed then any and all definitions would  be legally permissible. Polygamy, polyandry, incestual marriages, group marriages, marriages to animals, etc, would, by precedent, as undergirded and authenticated with the premise of equality and non-discrimination, thereby become law. This would cause societal disorder and degradation of the basic moral core of this country. It must be noted that a legally drawn up domestic partnership contract will solve the legitimate legal and contractual problems in same sex partnership situations.

It is proffered by the advocates of gay “marriage” that they want the same civil rights as those who can legally marry. They equate their struggle with the civil rights sought out by blacks and other minorities. This is baseless comparison since homosexuality is a behavior. Being a minority or black is a matter of race. It is myopic and self indulgent to equate the civil rights struggles blacks have endured and overcome with homosexuality.

The cultural ramifications would be substantial if same sex marriage became legal. The religious freedom of many in this country would be at variance to this new standard of marriage. Homosexuality is prohibited and declared a sin in many faiths in America. When it is preached against by people of faith, the “legally” married couple would claim that they are being discriminated against. Hate crime anyone? The school curriculum would also be changed to accommodate homosexuality as normal.  These are a few examples of what comes next societally.

The Declaration of Independence spells out how our rights are given by natures God and governments are instituted by man to protect these rights. The government can’t legitimately create rights that don’t originate from God. Marriage is from God and an honorable government protects it. Marriage is between the opposite sex as nature shows and needs for replication of the human race. Same sex “marriage” therefore, by definition, is illogical and an impossibility.

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