Marriage a la mode?

The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms. When we identify the meaning of the terms in use relating to the “gay marriage” issue we need to define what marriage is. Currently, fundamentally marriage is a legally binding unification of a male and a female as recognized by the state and or church. This legal arrangement is seen by the state as being mutually beneficial to the married parties and the state. In practice, the state is benefited by the stable family relationship found in a good marriage and the married couple is benefited by the legal protection afforded them by the state in contractual matters.

The beneficial nature of good marriages is also found in the procreation of the next generation. It is essential that this takes place so that society can replace the dead. This is axiomatic. Some of the discussions concerning this issue are elementary, basic and simple. How hard is it to know the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MALE AND A FEMALE? Nature provides the definition. For those of you missing the point:hermaphrodites don’t define the rule of the gene pool. A same sex marriage is impossible because of the impossibility of sexual reproduction by those of the same sex. If this definition is changed then any and all definitions would  be legally permissible. Polygamy, polyandry, incestual marriages, group marriages, marriages to animals, etc, would, by precedent, as undergirded and authenticated with the premise of equality and non-discrimination, thereby become law. This would cause societal disorder and degradation of the basic moral core of this country. It must be noted that a legally drawn up domestic partnership contract will solve the legitimate legal and contractual problems in same sex partnership situations.

It is proffered by the advocates of gay “marriage” that they want the same civil rights as those who can legally marry. They equate their struggle with the civil rights sought out by blacks and other minorities. This is baseless comparison since homosexuality is a behavior. Being a minority or black is a matter of race. It is myopic and self indulgent to equate the civil rights struggles blacks have endured and overcome with homosexuality.

The cultural ramifications would be substantial if same sex marriage became legal. The religious freedom of many in this country would be at variance to this new standard of marriage. Homosexuality is prohibited and declared a sin in many faiths in America. When it is preached against by people of faith, the “legally” married couple would claim that they are being discriminated against. Hate crime anyone? The school curriculum would also be changed to accommodate homosexuality as normal.  These are a few examples of what comes next societally.

The Declaration of Independence spells out how our rights are given by natures God and governments are instituted by man to protect these rights. The government can’t legitimately create rights that don’t originate from God. Marriage is from God and an honorable government protects it. Marriage is between the opposite sex as nature shows and needs for replication of the human race. Same sex “marriage” therefore, by definition, is illogical and an impossibility.

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