Dart board diplomacy…throw until something sticks

Congratulations to the people of Australia for voting for Tony Abbott to be their next Prime Minister. Great job in “temporarily” reversing course on the road to Serfdom; it seems that they took a break from that useful idiots thing. Don’t worry, the leftist will be trying to keep successful people from being successful. They might even bring in James Carville or Paul Begala to help show the Aussies the “error” of their ways for voting for Abbott and the center-right Coalition. The left loves to spread the misery around and will be going cold turkey for a while until they block prosperity creating legislation or fabricate and exaggerate some “scandal” to thwart Australia’s overall economic revitalization. They know that allowing individuals independent prosperity will doom their efforts to keep a people down by Socialistic micromanagement. The cat will be out of the bag. America, it can happen here too. Hillary “Benghazi/4dead” Clinton is not going to allow the individual to prosper when and if she becomes president in 2016, so follow Australia’s lead America. Block the socialist-green weenies in the House of representatives and Senate so liberty can show what we can do for ourselves.

President Oblabla will soon give a national address to the American people on the merits of WWIII as he fights his personal battle to save face and idiotic choice of words with the United States military. Secretary of State John Kerry will continue to look French-like and foolish. Some Democrats will not point out how illogical and self serving military action in Syria is at this point in time because Oblabla is black. Think of it, they are being racists in the name of not being racists.

Russia will posture and try to “resolve” the conflict but not before they make out strategically and financially. The Syrian “rebels/Muslim brotherhood” are patient and look long term so they will just wait their turn and keep reproducing like bunnies, recruiting like Jehovah’s Witnesses, growing stronger and infiltrating the powers that be until they get their next turn. Oh yeah, as members of the “religion of peace” they will coerce conversions by bullet or blade to their “religion of peace” as they demonically destroy great sites of historical significance to the people of Christ and the rest of the civilized world. And these are the people Oblabla wants to be in power in Syria. That’s right, he knows the path to peace better than all the rest of us-he did win the Noble prize for peace. Remember he said “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”. Peace maker in chief doing peace loving things as the anniversary of 9/11/01 approaches. Brilliant! All of his supporters are proven to be useful idiots once again, since they bought the lie that he told them about foreign entanglements and “stupid wars”. Stupid is as stupid does!

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