Remember this

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. These were the words of Jesus that gave the full import of his pending crucifixion and self sacrificial death for all humanity. In America, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and recollection of the mental, emotional and physical sacrifices made by our men and woman for our freedoms sake. When considered, the cumulative effect of these sacrifices, for the good of the way of life we enjoy, is overwhelming. We are blessed as a nation because of people willing to put themselves second to the cause and blessing of liberty. However, these are perilous times since the external enemies of liberty have infiltrated the instrumentalities of our society and the government thereof. These are those that put themselves first and the country second. It is evident who they are. When their ethos prevails in government, we loose liberty. Conversely, when country is first, when we come second, when we are a nation of laws and not a nation of men, we gain liberty.

It has been said that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”, yes this is true. We must stand guard and watch against the despoilers of liberty. The question for this Memorial Day is do we, as a nation, have the sufficient moral clarity and fundamental discernment of what will enhance and grow liberty or do we lack the substance of national identity and purpose as a free people so as to be blind and ignorant to what will keep us free? Can we identify the threats and fight against them? Do we know what liberty means thereby valuing it and fighting to preserve it? Or, is it the sad case of “where there is no vision, the people perish”? Without proper values and an informed national consensus rooted in our history as a nation, we will loose our liberty. Of our veterans, “some gave all, all gave some”, but all will be in vain if we allow those enemies from within to take away our freedom and make us all wards of the state. Thank you vets for your love of country. Vote to stay free America.

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