Affordable health care…yeah, that’s what they said.

With the looming implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, many life boat scenarios are emerging to forestall the deliberate ruin of private health insurance. We read about various groups and organisations looking for ways to exempt themselves from the economic devastation this bill will cause. Groups such as the fast food industry, labor unions, small business associations and ironically enough, the legislative branch of the federal government, all want protection from this unjust law.

Conversely, this law is wonderful if the goal is to divide and conquer a free country, subjugate the people and turn the citizens into subjects. Look at it, group will contend with group to stay financially afloat and avoid as much of this law as possible. Sadly, physicians are bailing out of practice and that means fewer doctors to serve more people and that in turn means rationed care. Like the life boat scenario, who shall live and who shall die? And who or whom will make these decisions?

Obviously Orwellian in name, this law doesn’t protect the patient and it makes health care significantly more expensive. We see our country being made chaotic and needlessly divided by this law. This law has been unconstitutionally modified expo-facto by the executive branch without regard to the legislative process as exemptions and extensions of one sort of another are granted by the President. This law was never about health care it was all about the life boat and the ship is about to leave the dock.

The amount and type of personal information required by the government for the (PPACA) is onerous and designed to intimidate and control the people of this country. Liberals once loudly protested for the government to stay out of their wombs, but they are very quiet when this law will put the government into every nook and cranny of their bodies and digitize their health information for easy dissemination.

The cost and financial drain on the American economy caused by this legislation will dry up disposable income and the discretionary spending necessary for economic growth and stability. What we have as a result of this law, is loss of liberty, loss of privacy, loss of choice for medical treatment, loss of income and loss of life from the law called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Come on aboard, your life boat is waiting.

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