And the statists lived collectivley ever after…

Pure political devotion to the Democratic party and the power to rule over as opposed to governing the American people, gives spirit and animation to the hoax and illusion that is Obamacare. The personal choices once pertaining to health care and health insurance by for and of the individual are becoming obsolete as the coercive demands by for and of the state take precedence.

The scope of this fraud by omission (keeping your doctor if you like your doctor) perpetrated on the American economy starts at one-sixth of GDP. This percentage will exponentially grow since it will be subject to the waste, fraud and abuse that comes so naturally with the administrative bureaucratic machinery of most federal government programs. In time, the magnitude of these associated costs will necessitate higher taxes to pay for the ACA.

The medical care provided will be substandard since the cost and complexities of the law are causing many doctors to get out of the profession. For example, the law created the (IPAB)¬†Independent Payment Advisory Board. This board works to reduce Medicare payments. Because of this, this law will lower the quality and availability of health care for millions of people. The metastasizing costs of this law and drain on the economy will create “unexpected” revenue short falls since the cost of coverage and care will consume and take away more and more money from other taxable transactions.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (very funny title if not so very tragic) also will obviously pervert and corrupt the once great “Doctor-patient relationship”. Remember that quaint basis that is the reason for all of this to begin with? Also remember this, part of the Hippocratic oath of affirmation pledged by physicians is that they will “keep their patients from “harm and injustice”. The mid-term elections of 2014 draw closer and closer and with that is the chance to euthanize the ACA when the voters will vote to keep America from the “harm and injustice” of the “Affordable Care Act”.

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