Veni Vidi Vici through the Victim, Victimizer and Vindicator method

Resident in the American political process is the ethos of most career and establishment politicians of how to fool most of the people most of the time. Sadly, because most of the electorate lack the initiative to inform themselves objectively and sufficiently, they, by default, are fooled and cast the fools vote. It is said that you can “fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all the time”. The 2014 mid-term elections will see if this aphorism holds true.

If we further break down how that enough of the people are fooled most of the time, we need to look at two of the basic formulae. Inquiring minds want to know! First and foremost is how our elected officials are viewed by those who vote for them. The trust factor is key here even though most polls reveal that politicians can not be trusted, yet the incumbency rate is and has been quite high for a long time. Look it up for yourself-it is ghastly. Again, what was written earlier, an uninformed electorate is the key ingredient that facilitates this. The first formula is for politicians to have politically useful problems. We will use the metaphorical acronym PUPS, politically useful problems. What is meant by this? Politicians need problems to fix to be relevant and campaign upon. Most of these problems are created by the politicians themselves, disguised as such and presented to the voter as fixable only by the politicians that are, let’s guess, “fighting for you”. An informed electorate would see through the chicanery and obfuscation. Problems such as a porous border, pathetic energy policy, health care costs from a broken system, job robbing imports, etc are but examples of problems that they caused that they use for reelection campaigns. Can these be “fixed”? Of course. Will they? Not if the same people are reelected in a sufficient majority. If the politicians actually fixed these problems the average American would have more prosperous and dare we say it INDEPENDENT lives. Fixing these problems would also take away the campaign issues that these leeches need to keep themselves in office, so don’t look for much in the way of “fixing” because the “fix” is in.

There is also the political formula that is as old as dirt and that is the three V’s of dependency. VICTIM, VICTIMIZER, VINDICATOR.

VICTIM-one who either, real or imagined sees themselves as having been “done wrong” by the victimizer.

VICTIMIZER-one who either, real or imagined is portrayed as victimizing the victim.

VINDICATOR-one who either, real or imagined is there, in this equation, to right the wrongs and “save the day” for the victim.

An example of such is the top 1% of wealth holders in America-VICTIMIZER.

They are “victimizing” the rest of us, especially the middle and lower income earners. They are the VICTIM.

VINDICATOR in all of this is the class envy is the politician who created the mess with their policies. Remember that that they are fighting for you!

What they are fighting for is to keep the electorate blind to all of this so that they can gain and retain their cushy “public servant” jobs and enrich themselves in the process.

Just plug in race, gender, rights for this class of people or that and the same candidates will keep on winning and keep on ruling over the serfs . This is masterful strategy of unending success over the subjects who vote for their own bondage. When they say that they are fighting for you they don’t finish the sentence because if they did they would conclude the sentence with “fighting for you to stay where that you are-subservient, useful and dependant”. Fool most of the people most of the time? Not if we vote to stay free! Don’t allow yourself to be defined by these robber barons. Vote away the plexus of political utility that they would have us ALL live under.

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