Christian Nation

America was founded as a Christian nation. Consider the following. On March 3, 1863 during the Civil War, the U. S. Senate appealed to President Abraham Lincoln to “designate and set apart a day for national prayer and humiliation” because:
Sincerely believing that no people, however great in numbers and resources or however strong in the justice of their cause, can prosper without His favor; and at the same time deploring the national offenses which have provoked His righteous judgment, yet encouraged in this day of trouble by the assurances of His word to seek Him for succor according to His appointed way through Jesus Christ, the Senate of the United States do hereby request the President of the United States, by his proclamation, to designate and set apart a day for national prayer and humiliation.  This is the “Judeo-Christian” ethos and it was responsible for the abolition of slavery.
Joseph Story (1779-1845) was appointed to the Supreme Court by President James Madison. Story is considered the founder of Harvard Law School and authored the three-volume classic Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States (1833). In 34 years on the Court, Story authored opinions in 286 cases, of which 269 were reported as the majority opinion or the opinion of the Court and his many contributions to American law have caused him to be called a “Father of American Jurisprudence.”
He wrote “One of the beautiful boasts of our municipal jurisprudence is that Christianity is a part of the Common Law… There never has been a period in which the Common Law did not recognize Christianity as lying at its foundations… I verily believe Christianity necessary to the support of civil society.
As to killing in the name of religion consider the deaths from secularists:
Joseph Stalin 20,000,000. Adolph Hitler 15,000,000. Mao Ze-Dong 60,000,000. Kim Il Sung 1,600,000. There are many, many more.
Lives saved by religiously affiliated hospitals and charities are in the multi-millions.
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Words and deeds

The left in American politics are very crafty and surreptitious in method and operation. They seek to “control the message” in policy, appearance and governance. The way that they go about their tactics shows that they must put much effort into affecting the political narrative and the cause and effect of their policies. Their policies are bad news for basic liberty. The left knows this and lies about it as they punish wealth and success for everybody but themselves. They are practiced at deception and very knowledgeable about the psychology of group think. The policies and goals of the left serve to minimize freedom for the individual and maximize the power and control of the government.

They say that they are fighting for the “little guy” against “powerful forces” and that without them all hope would be lost for a decent life and freedom would be nearly extinct. Yet, if we look closely at their words and compare them with their deeds it is obvious that they frame the issue to hide the damage that their policies have wrought. For example, they use words like “choice”, “fairness”, “opportunity”,”affordable”, “reproductive rights” etc. To the left, when they say choice they mean conformity. “Fairness” means fairness for the state and unfairness to the individual. Opportunity means conformity to the dictates of the government for a strings attached government program. “Affordable” means the devastation of the real estate market-see Barney Frank. Reproductive rights means state funded abortion on demand, this obviously doesn’t apply to the pre-born. They use words to create the perception and world view that are quite the opposite of the real world.

The left in American politics also, as a result of the long and determined, brick by brick, progressive construct of obfuscation regarding their damaging policies and governance become extremely agitated and wildly exited when any EFFECTIVE attempt is shown by their opponents to counteract them. They hate it when the right fights fire with fire, because they know how successful such an approach it is.

The left will tell you what they are afraid of politically, one simply has to have the trained eye to see it. Examples are Clarence Thomas, Rush Limbaugh, Fox news, the NRA, Sarah Palin, The Drudge Report and The Tea Party, etc. Thomas is a black conservative that proves them wrong about blacks being perpetual victims of racism. Limbaugh dissects the falsehoods and media bias with wit and biting satire and brings the factual refutation of the folly of the left on over 600 radio stations nationwide. Fox news present both sides of the issues and prompts the viewer to think for themselves to arrive at their own conclusions. The NRA stands guard against the progressive degradation of one of the key amendments in the bill of rights. Sarah Palin is a conservative female that shows that the left doesn’t own the female vote and that there are many women who don’t suffer fools gladly when it comes to big and unaccountable government. The left would burn books it disagreed with in America today, but because of the carbon footprint of such, they do the next best thing by bashing Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report. The Tea Party is a threat because they are not “we the sheeple, they are we the people”. The tea party is a threat to the whole system of political favors and the blatant cronyism and nepotism that is practiced by the Washington establishment.

This leads to the Sequestration. The small amount of budget reductions in spending (NOT EVEN REAL CUTS) is not going to be as catastrophic as the hype says that it will be. Sure, the design of the sequestration will be to pressure the American psyche into seeing that certain high profile goods and services will not be there because of those evil Republicans. Surprise, it’s all political!

In conclusion, all the examples of what frightens the left and why shows what they see as their strengths and weaknesses. These examples show how the right can turn the lefts weaknesses into our strengths. The question is, can the leadership of the right and Republicans in general recognize this and capitalize on it?

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Obamacare Diagnosis:Fraud by omission

President Obama and the supporters of the so called “Affordable Care Act” are practicing fraud by omission. When the law was signed into law the American people were told…

On March 23, 2010, Obama said “If you like your current insurance, you will keep your current insurance. No government takeover. Nobody’s changing what you’ve got if you’re happy with it.”

A new CBO budget report released today says that’s probably not true for 7 million Americans. That’s the number who are expected to lose employer-based coverage as businesses recognize that its not worth paying for the government approved plans when other options are available.

It is obvious that the intent of the law is to make health insurance so prohibitively expensive that private insurance companies will not be competitive enough to stay in business against the government issued health coverage. The above statement is and was a lie. At the time it was said, Obama knew that it was a lie because he knew that the bill would put private insurers out of business. He knew that employer provided insurance would go away and thereby ENSURE a government takeover. The mechanism of administration of the health care involves health care exchanges that didn’t exist at the time that Oblabla assured us that we could keep our current insurance. Again, he knew that this distribution system of exchanges would “change what you’ve got”. Keep in mind that the law will be gradually implemented and as it progresses more and more “surprises” will be revealed that will be the opposite of what we were told. Again, more fraud by omission. Those people who believe this man and his ilk are useful idiots.

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Imperiling all of the law abiding by restricting their capacity for self-defense,  the anti-second amendment forces are making it easier for the criminal element to succeed by reducing private gun ownership. The deterrent to criminality and the self policing our society gains by having an armed people will disappear if our right to bear arms is abridged. This is the legislative and cultural agenda of the Democratic party and the current American president.

Juxtaposed upon the Democrats intent to disarm the people of America is a maniacal “foreign policy” that arms the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood! These barbarians control the instrumentalities of power in that country and are to receive sixteen F-16 fighter aircraft and two hundred M-1 Abrahams tanks. These will be used against Israel in warfare to destroy that nation. Chaos is the freedom destroyers best tool to use to gain the complete control of the citizenry in both situations. The building blocks are in place and what is being done about it?

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The shotgun diplomacy of gun control

A United States Senator is proposing to require individuals, as a condition of lawful fire arm ownership, to provide personal photographic identification and fingerprints for the purchase of fire arms. The problem with this? These laws won’t work to prevent the mass shootings such as in Newtown, Connecticut but they will work quite effectively to diminish the Constitutional right of self defense. Those that propose these laws know this and that is exactly why they want them. Progressively, as these laws fail to prevent these mass shooting atrocities, that will allow them the excuse that we need even MORE gun control. More shootings=more bad laws. More bad laws=more shootings. Remember, in the macro view, the second amendment, that basic right of self defense, is not given by man but by our Creator.

However, the incremental degradation of that right is brought about by such laws as proposed by the likes of this Senator, et, al. Their cohorts see the horrible mass shootings, such as in Newtown, Connecticut as emotional vehicles to be used to legislatively advance their agenda to register all weapons and dramatically restrict the effect of the second amendment. They have had, in years immediately past, multiple legislative opportunities to proffer gun control legislation. Yet, however, they watch and wait to “do something about it” and when the emotions run high and reason runs low they use that chance to violate our right of self defense. Such legislative action would not be a positive in the polls (such character) so they wait and anticipate for the next chance to steal away the Constitutional right of self defense. These morally bankrupt, political harlots were willing to “let it go” until now. These foes of essential liberty didn’t have the “courage” to tell the truth of what they are all about until their failings of their past “laws” came to fruition. Suddenly, they want to portray themselves as ” being there for the children and the rest of a sane society”. This Senator used to pack heat to protect their own safety-but this right is not for the rest of their “fellow Americans”. These collectivist lie in wait to produce legislation that exploits the short comings of human nature, thereby making all of us vulnerable to crime and the legislation of these political harlots. They are practiced at the art of deception and their political calculations drive their votes-Constitution be damned! What about the slain? THEY DON’T CARE unless they can gain political advantage from them. They are heartless.

Juxtaposed upon this, these “guarantors” of the Constitution, want any requirements for photo identification and or fingerprints for voting in elections to be labeled as oppressive and disenfranchising. Why? Because they want to stuff the ballot box with every vote they can beg, borrow or steal that abrogates the Constitution. Priorities and motive are revealed by this legislation. Simply put, with the proposed firearm requirements, our second amendment right is disregarded and our liberty reduced. Conversely, with the abandonment of requirements for voter verification (photo id, etc) made more sure through the lack of photo identification, our sacred right to vote is adulterated and made a thing of political sport. These legislators know that votes of illegal aliens are promoted and unchecked thereby ensuring the anti-Constitutionalist power to rule over the American people. It is fraud by omission to NOT have voter identification. It is clear that the people who would be screened out as a result of voter identification, mostly “vote” for the anti-Constitutionalists. The payback to these “unrestricted” illegal voters is government goodies from Uncle Sugar Daddy. In summation, by voting against our second amendment and against voter photo identification the left makes our country weaker and substantially more vulnerable to criminal behavior. If anyone thinks that the left has our country’s best interest in mind they are useful idiots.  

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Fundamentally “transforming” America

The road to servitude is clear and wide open thanks to the complicity of the Republican house of representatives with President Oblabla. The national debt and the running annual deficit will continue to grow unabated after this current budget “deal”. The current percentage of gross domestic product being spent on the cost of the federal government is about twenty four percent. That amount is the highest since world war two and is increasing. The victory is for the left with these numbers because they seek to reduce wealth. Less wealth means more dependency upon government and the demoralization of a once free America. That is what Oblabla meant by “fundamentally transforming America”.

Their top down, centralized, authoritarian, command and control government model depends on dependency. The excessive spending is what the Democrats need to maintain their power over their dependent constituency and they are never going to change course and relinquish their power. As a result, the economy has been so enfeebled that self sufficiency is becoming more difficult. The pocket book is no longer personal but Uncle Sugar Daddy is right there putting ebt dollars in. This country is being bought off person by person, street by street, etc. It is a war between liberty and collectivism and right now the collectivist are winning. The world is watching and they know that economically, America can’t afford to keep this up.

Remember that the federal government spends 4 billion dollars per day of which forty percent is borrowed. This rate means that in time 100% of the federal budget will be for interest only. At that point, Oblabla and the anti-Constitutionalist will tell us that they need some more time and it is exclusively the Republican’s fault. The really sad part is that there will be enough useful idiots that believe them.

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