February is Black history month. The reason for this celebration is in the eye of the celebrator.

 This list of links is provided to show that not all blacks hold to the victim-hood ascription of the civil rights overlords. Moreover, one can see that if the motif of the left was supplanted by the self determination ethos of the sites listed below, February would then be a low profile, minimalist, perfunctory "look" at the once politically useful minority condescendingly and divisively know as "African Americans".

 The left has always "owned" the issue of the the supposed disenfranchised minorities. The perpetuation of that mindset in this controlled group is crucial to their success at the ballot box. The left pays lip service to the desire of Dr. Martin Luther King that our world would be one of merit and not pigment, one of simple recognition of the individual and not of a politically useful class. While in practice, the left, do everything they can to keep this American minority dependent upon them and bitter towards anyone or group that breaks free and becomes independent of their control.  Please reference these sites for a world apart from what the dominant media would have us to believe in this month of "Black history".

Dr. Walter Williams

Alan Keyes

Project 21

Thomas Sowell

Herman Cain

Starr Parker