Double Vision

I guess we will be receiving our new "moral vision" glasses soon. These glasses will allow us to see the world in a whole new "moral light". Seems ol' Al kinda got blind to real morality over the last eight years. Political vision you might call it. How come he can go to church and no one is afraid of his church state mixture but when conservative politicians go to church it is a threat to our country and freedom loving people everywhere? Your basic ACLU, church and state phobic "that's not the America I know" panic erupts in the media every time a Republican goes to church and speaks, but it is a great day in America when a liberal goes to church; even the church where the "Rev". Al Sharpton attends. This hypocrisy,  my friends, one needs no glasses to see.

Blind leads the blind
Gore accuses his GOP foes of being `morally blind'
First lady is at his side in joint N.Y. appearance

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Standing at a pulpit once used by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Al Gore said that the Republicans who are trying to keep him from the White House are "morally blind." The vice president, with first lady and Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton at his side, was campaigning for support in New York's politically important community.

In a sometimes impassioned speech before more than 800 people at a largely black church, Gore accused the Republican challengers for the White House of being blind to racism.  "There are those who have 20/20 vision who are morally blind Some of those individuals just left the state of South Carolina," Gore said in a reference to Saturday's GOP primary that drew laughter from the audience at the Wilborn Temple First Church of God in Christ.

Mentioning the Confederate battle flag that flies over the South Carolina Statehouse, Gore paraphrased a Bob Dylan song and said, "They looked at that flag and they turned their heads and pretended that they just didn't see." Calling the flag "that accumulated heritage of injustice," he said the Republican reaction reminded him of those who say racism is gone and that America has become colorblind. "They use their `colorblind' the way duck hunters use their duck blinds -- they hide behind it, and hope the ducks won't know what they're up to," the vice president said. Gore and the first lady, campaigning together for the first time this year in New York, where Clinton is making history as the first wife of a president to seek public office, had warm words for each other, and a few hugs. In a brief interview, Clinton said she was "just honored to help him in any way that I can. I was grateful for the chance to appear with him because I don't get to see him so often now that he's all over the country.  "We used to work together very closely on a lot of issues. I'm very fond of him personally as well as very supportive of him as our next president," she said.

"She stands for the best values of New York state," Gore said of Clinton, who is taking on Rep. Rick Lazio
in the Senate race. "Her voice will be heard. Her vision will make a difference. I will stand up for her." Clinton said, "No one in America is more qualified to lead us than our vice president".