Of chads and men-Al Gore's quest for a self serving controlling legal authority in Florida

The efforts by the Gore legal team are motivated exclusively by finding a way to win in court, thereby enabling an Al Gore victory in his quest for the presidency of the United States. Al Gore dose not care one bit about any other circumstances, any other consequences or any other result in Florida. He is totally committed to victory. He has no morals, no scruples or concern regarding the effect this litigation and what it's attendant precedent setting ramifications initiate on how elections will henceforward be altered. For example, when a candidate finds out on election night that they lost,  he or she can now look to what Mr. Gore has done and pursue second,  third or more recounts of the votes, target counties or precincts that are predominately composed of their supporters and fabricate "irregularities" with legally produced ballots thus overturning the direct and democratically derived will of the people. Appearances of noble, "put the country first" sobriety are done for effect and public relations-you are not supposed to get mad at Ol' Al as he steals this election don't you know! Any mention about letting the peoples voices and votes be heard is a calculated stepping stone for his continued, dare we say it, political viability.

The hypocrisy is extraordinary-even for Gore, just listen...

On Monday the vice president made an appearance before the cameras to remind us about what is at stake here: "And what is at stake here is more important than who wins the presidency. What is at stake here is the integrity of our democracy, making sure that the will of the people is expressed and accurately received. There's something very special about our process that depends totally on the American people having a chance to express their will without any intervening interference. That's really what's at stake here. And so that's what I'm focused on. Not the contest, but our democracy." Al baby, how many takes did it take for you to stop laughing while you said this hooey in private? His whole life is for this moment and supercedes anything else. Even a casual observer of Gore knows that what he says is opposite of what he means when it comes to putting anything before his political ambitions. The subliminal message he sought to portray is one of  Bush being the bad guy if he wins, because as it looks right now, Gore may win the popular vote. He is also attempting to make Florida law and all those who seek to enforce it, especially the courageous Secretary of State Katherine Harris, look "unfair", especially pertaining to the statutory limits on vote recounts and certifications. 

Additionally, thinking Americans are supposed to disregard the fact that there were no allegations of fraud in Palm Beach County; or that the ballot was designed by a Democratic elections official. We are supposed to forget that similar problems had occurred in 1996, when 14,000 votes were rejected that were cast for Bob Dole. We are supposed to ignore the fact  that these problems happen in elections all over the country. For example, this year, 120,523 improperly punched votes were voided in Cook County, Ill. Yet Al Gore, patriot on display, won't tell us these little secrets that he knows all too well. He won't tell us how he made sure he picked the Democrat controlled canvassing boards to object to the "confusing ballot" or how he made sure that the judges that hear his case are Democrats themselves and Clinton appointees. We will have much more to say about this later, but, for right now, we want you to see again how Al Gore operates and how his presidency would be conducted.