Our uneasy ease

It is quite remarkable that in this generation, which has access to technology that greatly enhances the collection, distribution and retrieval of information, increasing numbers of Americans are illiterate concerning events that precipitated the creation of our country.

Basic knowledge regarding the historical context and foundations of America are lacking for the most part, to our detriment, in contemporary society. How can a free people remain free when they are ignorant of that which they were liberated? And what about the cost that liberty exacted? This aspect of our heritage, the price of freedom and the cost of tyranny, must be retained transgenerationally to maintain our status as a free people. When the roots are severed the branches will slowly, yet inevitably die.

The main elements of that struggle will never change. Specifically, the congenital clash between those who seek personal freedom and those plotting tyranny. Only the venues and the particulars of it's expression change. The Trojan horse of history is today's creeping socialist utopia. Fascists, as we should know, take control of the means of production. Doesn't this remind us of the aims of the EPA and Al Gore? Medieval feudalism isn't dead. It is reincarnated in broad generalized grants of unaccountable authority given, without our voice, to governmental agencies. Today's progressive and confiscator taxation calls for a correlative emancipation proclamation. Through political superficiality this country is unwittingly voting itself into bondage.

Have you ever considered the need for both parents to work to make ends meet? The American taxpayers union informs us that the average taxpayer begins, as far as their tax obligation is concerned, to work (keeping gross pay) for themselves on May 6th. Preceding this date ALL monies earned flow to the outstretched hand of the government. This situation grows worse every year. As the state is made stronger the individual is correspondingly weakened.

Contemporary America is dropping the cultural baton. Why must this happen?