Proverbs 23:7 has a simple message. It says as a man thinks so is he. Thought precipitates action. In the world today, we see actions arising from the thoughts of those of the Islamic tradition. Manifested in their actions is a specific world view that has no latitude or place for any variation in their plan for the world we ALL live in. Grossly intolerant and afraid of dissent,  their way is enforced upon all they can enforce it upon without place for free inquiry or critical assessment.

What people do shows how they think. Simple enough. We have assembled a small resource list of links for those who wish to look at their world view and the thoughts and actions arising from it. It is our contention that Christianity elevates the human race and frees people everywhere this faith has the opportunity to be practiced as scripturally intended. Islam has the potential to check the human appetite for self destruction, yet it remains a tool of power hungry extremists who submit to envy and fear personal liberty. Such denial prohibitively places their corner of the world far from the place of maximizing their people's standard of living. They live fearful lives of unfulfilled promise. This is what we don't want for anyone-we owe each other that much. We write this out of love and respect for all and trust this editorial finds the true place of the heart that belongs to our loving God the creator of ALL mankind.

Answering Islam

Looking at the faiths