What terrorizes the terrorists

 Since the terrorist’s actions on September 11, 2001, a fulcrum has been revealed. What rests upon it is this; we are what we allow: individually or corporately, as a society, as a people or as a group-whatever the construct. What we allow for as our strengths and allow for our as weaknesses we allow as a proxy of inherent definition for all other groups of the world to see. This fulcrum is just how much we trust ourselves and to what degree we countenance the expression of essential individual liberty throughout the strata of our society. The fulcrum evinces our humanity at it’s best; it is a fixed thing, a constant of creation, a self-evident truth and the chiefly proper arbiter between tyranny and liberty.

 On September 11, 2001, all appearances aside, airplanes didn’t just collide with buildings or the ground as the cameras recorded, what really happened that day was that two worlds collided. On that date two paths met head on, these being the paths of tyranny and the paths of liberty. Since the beginning of mankind these episodic collisions have been a constant and only the venues and their expressions change. One of the current and most prominent incarnations of tyranny’s parade, the group that calls itself the Taliban, true to their pedigree, clearly fear liberty more than any other thing on earth, else they would allow it. They are so weak in its presence that they, just as any panicked animal, lash out just to survive. Their whole mutated, crazy construct of a worldview originates and is predicated upon FEAR!!! Fear, on one hand, of liberty as availed to the common man to be practiced in thought, word or deed in everyday life, and fear as a tool that conversely, they operate to control those who would, dare I say it, seek to actualize their God given liberty!

 Yes, they will suicidally crash planes into buildings, the fruit of mad machinations trained for over years with malice aforethought, yes, they will live in deprivation and in want of all civilized, modern comforts simply to arrest the spread of what they call western decadence. Theirs is a worldview of seemingly no fear; no fear of death, no fear of want, no fear of the greater military might of the United States and it’s allies coming to bear against them. They characterize themselves as only fearing the Almighty One. Yet, when we look beneath their façade, we see true horror on their faces when they see liberty in practice. This is why they hate the western way of life because they can’t control it, so they demonize it. Since they can’t impose their demonic ways on the free world, they seek to destroy it and all the individual liberty that accompanies it.

 This is the answer when we ask ourselves why symptoms emerge such as barring their women from receiving any formal education, or why they prohibit the ownership and use of televisions and among other things fear the commercial airplanes capacity to allow people to move away from their squalid and hellish corner of the world. They shake in their sandals at the thought of free inquiry. They grow weak kneed when their ideas are examined in the light of day. They resort to the most brutish and primitive suppression of all that opposes them because they realize that they cannot win in the free marketplace of ideas. The whole function of their operation and raison d’etre is to stifle individualism and freedom of the individual. Their fear of the developed world has caused them to issue an edict prohibiting the use of the English language. They embrace paranoia and call it “keeping the faith”. One of the prophets that they “allow” said that, “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” However, in practice, they disallow both the knowledge of truth and the freedom it provides.

 When the Taliban planned to perpetrate these crimes against humanity and its Creator, they prejudicially fell short of an accurate assessment of the nature of freedom loving people everywhere. Civilization either advances through the practice of liberty or it declines through the practice of tyranny. Humanity will never quit liberty after seeing its blessings and vis a vis tyranny always lives on borrowed time. The proof of this is that we have advanced culturally, scientifically, spiritually, academically, etc, etc. This evidence demonstrates that tyranny is a loosing proposition-yet it never completely goes away because selfishness never goes away. In our world of complex geo-political alliances where my enemy’s enemy is my friend, any foreign policy is fraught with gray areas. However, it is abundantly clear to true human beings everywhere that freedom is essential and the radicals of the Middle East don’t own the only cause to die for. When they die as “martyrs” they die for their own selfish rewards, but when freedom-loving people die heroically they die to self so others may live free. Of this is what we can be certain, as the news of today becomes the history of tomorrow. Yes, good eventually and always prevails against evil. It is superior to it. The constant of tyranny’s defeat is what will be the conclusion of this particular episode of  “us vs. them”.