Term limits

When we speak of term limits we often think of the limitations that they would statutorily impose on our freedom to elect to office those whom we would choose. This is true. However, when we consider that those who are elected to office are seldom unseated, we must also see that our freedom to elect new people to office is diminished if not completely undermined. When office holders of today use the power of their office to win elections and retain their seats in ways that are unavailable to those that run against them, some mechanism of control is needed to ensure that a reasonably fair playing field exists.

Due consideration of the length of terms for congressional service (two years) tells us that these offices are NOT to be a lifelong career. The senate has a six year term and that hardly defines a career. Why is it then that we have "career" politicians in a system that has such brief terms of office?

The answer is that the system has been manipulated to allow for the existence of career politicians by career politicians. When term limits are imposed this abuse of the system will end.

These "public servants" as they call themselves have one of the best pension plans in existence. Wouldn't it be appropriate for "we the people" to vote ourselves the grab bag of goodies these parasites have seen fit to give themselves. No it would not and neither is it appropriate for them.

We should ask ourselves these questions concerning these people who say they represent our best interests yet feed and get quite fat at our expense and ignorance. The need to elect new people to office would force the indolent voter to study the issues and the candidates that would represent them.