With the annual celebration of the fourth of July comes the shallow and virtually meaningless day off from work and the parades, picnics in the park and, of course the fireworks. What must be preeminent on this holiday is the remembrance that July the fourth is a celebration of liberty, it is a day set aside to look back at the struggle the colonies endured to secure their rightful place as free people. It is a celebration of the defeat of BIG government and all that went with it, i.e.; taxes, regulation and the supposed right of the rulers to lord it over the ruled. Back then as it is today, ignorance and freedom are mutually exclusive. What is needed on this day is to look back and learn from the thoughts and events that  gave this world the greatest country it has ever seen.

But in the land of the once free and the home of the brave, the deprivation of individual liberty is the subject of political sport and the focus of evil to most of the democratic party. Some republicans are not above this but most still see their role as the party of independence and not as the party of dependence as is the case with the democrats.

This is a time to reconsider where each party wants to take it's people. This is a time to consider where we have come from and where we are going as a supposedly self governing people. PLEASE visit the following web sites and take the time to fill your mind with the perspective that it was and is and will always be upon us to vote for independence since so many before us fought for it. The battle is never over-independence day is every day. God Bless.