The world has changed in many ways since 9-11. We have seen the loss of liberty, the reduction of our casual freedom and an increase in the way we look to protect ourselves. Things just are not the same. Or are they? 

Ask yourself why, with the threat of a "dirty bomb" and the attendant environmental degradation that it would bring, why we don't have Greenpeace, Earthfirst!, Peta, Ralph Nader, eathjustice, and all the links that they provide posting all the outrage that their commie computers could handle? The world seems much the same to their blind eyes. They have not touched this issue on their web sites. Where are the marches in Baghdad, the public displays and protests in Damascus and Tehran? Where is the consistency and principal that they say they are all about?

Well it's real simple folks and the reason is this-they are cowards and don't really hold to their professed beliefs. What they are all about is functioning as a parasite on the soft belly of the greatest country the world has ever seen. What they want is to milk a political platform for all it's worth and derive the prominence, political favor and power, financial contributions and just plain ol' ego gratification it allows. Theirs is a world of green all right-green with envy. America is an easy place to protest against because we allow the likes of these screwballs to voice and act out dissent against all of our supposed "capitalists transgressions". 

I am sorry that they have the capability to effectively borrow and leverage Chicken Little's hysteria and exploit the hyper gullibility of the masses in their favor. But maybe, at this time in our changed post 9-11 world, we can see that these green Chicken Little's are hypocrites, opportunistic and just plain old chicken.